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Show the world your business means business. Dedicated email hosting builds trust, simplifies communication and protects your confidential correspondence.

Personal email is simple and easy to use and set up, but it’s another story entirely if you’re running a business with dozens or even hundreds of employees. At that point, a dedicated email server becomes a necessity. And while you can host your own email server, why not trust your business email hosting to a professional IT support company like True IT. 

Dedicated Email Support 

Of course, you can absolutely try hosting your own email server. But that process is complicated for non-IT personnel, setup can be a pain, DIY servers can be unpleasant to use, and it’s generally not a great use of your time. Plus, an improperly setup server can open your business up to security vulnerabilities, putting your business at risk. Instead, let True IT take the headache out of handling your email hosting and management. 


Say goodbye to the frustrating and confusing process of manually keeping track of your business’s email license. We handle the initial licensing process as well as eventual renewals, taking the burden off you, the business owner.  

Email hosting and management 

Our approach to email hosting is a comprehensive one that supports you, your business and your customers. With True IT, your email hosting includes: 

  • A domain-based server to help your emails look professional and promote your brand with every message.  
  • Creation of email accounts for your employees and group aliases for employees in the same department.  
  • Data sync across all workplace devices so you have your emails, contacts and calendar up-to-date whether you are. 
  • Advanced email security and encryption to protect your business’s and your customers’ sensitive data. 


Along with email hosting and management, we also regularly audit your licenses. That way you only pay for the email licenses you actually need. These regularly scheduled audits help eliminate unnecessary expenses that would otherwise be spent on outdated or even unused licenses.  

Plus, we handle any updates that come with email hosting, so your business is always using the latest version with the most powerful features. 

Email Platforms 

As a Microsoft 365 Managed Services Provider, we host with the following trusted platforms available from Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Outlook application
Microsoft Exchange application

Secure Business Email Hosting with True IT 

Experience convenience and peace of mind that comes with dedicated email hosting and licensing from True IT. Let us handle the nuances of email licensing, hosting and auditing so you can focus on what matters: leading your business.  

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