Multi-prong Email Spam Filtering

Keep your inbound and outbound emails safe from spam and threats like phishing, malware and ransomware with advanced spam filtering from True IT.

Email is an essential form of communication, especially for businesses. So it’s important to secure your business’s email from malicious actors who may want access to you or your clients’ sensitive information. With advanced spam filtering from True IT, we protect both inbound and outbound emails from cyber-attacks to keep your communication safe and secure.

The Dangers of Junk Email and Why Your Business Needs Spam Filtering

Your email provider may have some form of basic email filtering, but it won’t protect you from cybercriminals intent on accessing your business’s sensitive information…or worse, your clients’. These malicious actors are becoming increasingly savvier at circumventing built-in filters to pass along unwanted and dangerous content that compromises your email’s security. That is why we highly recommend that businesses invest in advanced spam filtering.

SpamTitan: Our Spam Filter of Choice

SpamTitan is a multi-award-winning solution with powerful features to protect against advanced email attacks. We choose SpamTitan because it offers the best and most comprehensive approach to spam filtering with a multi-prong strategy. On the one hand, we scan inbound messages for spam, malware and viruses, phishing and other unwanted content. And on the other hand, we check outbound messages for data loss and account takeovers.

With their software and our proactive monitoring and expertise, we offer the strongest email filtering service available.

Protect Your Inbox with Comprehensive Spam Filtering

Take control of your business’s email security today. True IT is ready to protect your business email communications with comprehensive spam filtering.

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