Cybersecurity Education and Training

Empower your employees to mitigate cyber risks so they can protect themselves and your organization’s assets with security awareness training from True IT.

Security awareness training equips employees with the information necessary to keep themselves and their business’s assets safe from cyberthreats. Technology and information technology are advancing at an ever-growing rate. As a result, employees and other end users need regular training to learn how to safely navigate digital spaces to protect their information and their company’s information. 

How Training Works

Our expert-led program is interactive, user-friendly and designed to educate and empower your staff in identifying and responding to potential threats. We focus on cultivating security mindfulness within a business so that employees are aware of potential threats specific to technology and digital connectivity. Our course covers such topics as: 

  • First and foremost, confronting the fact that cybercriminals are trying to exploit you 
  • Recognizing when you are the target of a potential cyberthreat 
  • Exploring common cyberthreats: phishing, malware, social engineering and account takeovers 
  • Employing proper cyber hygiene, strong passwords and login safety practices 
  • Adhering to company-specific policies and procedures around reporting and responding to potential cyberthreats 
  • Explaining industry-specific cybersecurity regulations and/or frameworks 

Why Do My Employees Need Security Awareness Training?

Cyberattacks often rely on exploiting user vulnerabilities to gain access to your business’s sensitive information. That means your staff can quickly transform from being your organization’s best asset to its weakest link. Our security awareness training focuses on strengthening your staff, so they can instead become your frontline defense: a human firewall. 

Invest in Your Own Team with Security Awareness Training and True IT

The best defense is proactive, not reactive. A human firewall bolsters your organization’s resistance to risk and protects the integrity of your data, finances and reputation. Ready to take your business’s IT security seriously? Schedule security awareness training with True IT today. 

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