Dedicated Application Licensing, Support and Upgrades

Ensure business-critical software and applications run smoothly and efficiently around the clock with dedicated application support from True IT.

You have enough on your hands as it is running a business; you don’t have the time to micromanage things like company software. So why not let our professionals do what they do best.  With True IT, we provide comprehensive application support that includes licensing, troubleshooting and upgrades. 

Software Licensing and Installation

Your company’s software and computer programs can make or break your business. That’s why it’s so important to know exactly what software you need to support your organization. Whether you need Microsoft 365, Windows OS or industry-specific programs, True IT will make sure that your technology empowers your business, enhances productivity and minimizes downtime. 

Plus, we’ll make sure programs run right the first time. We’ll choose the right licensing level for your employees, making sure that each user has access to the appropriate permissions. Plus, we’ll have all the necessary connections set up, so compatible programs talk to each other seamlessly.   

Ongoing Application Support

Of course, you can’t schedule when problems will occur. For that reason, we provide comprehensive training and ongoing support for application use. We’ll teach your staff how to use their new software with confidence. Plus, we’ll show them how to use our ticketing software to submit application support tickets in the event of an issue.  

Updates, Patches and Upgrades

Keeping software and applications up to date is crucial to data security, team efficiency and business profitability. Out-of-date software can significantly impact day-to-day operations and slow down productivity. Similarly, software upgrades can drastically improve efficiency and give your business the edge it needs to stay competitive.  

With application support from True IT, we’ll monitor your existing applications and operating systems and advise you on the next steps when they reach their end-of-life.  

Application Support from Install to Upgrade with True IT

With True IT, you’ll have confidence that your business’s applications are performing their best, so you can focus on what you do best: growing your business. 

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